Mail Order Prices


Please note these prices INCLUDE ALL POST AND PACKAGING CHARGES for delivery within the
UK MAINLAND (please contact us for the prices for delivery further afield).

The prices below are for single or multiple purchases of the same product.
If you wish to order a mixture of different products, please contact us directly, so that we can quote you a price that includes the cheapest post and packaging charge.

If you are interested in making an order, you can contact us at:
Phone: 01704878749
40g Pot                                                £5.50 for one    or    £8.00 for two                      
100g Pot                                              £8.00 for one    or    £13.00 for two
ESSENTIAL OILS :              
Lavender/Peppermint 10ml                     £4.50 for one   or   £6.50 for two  or   £12.50 for five
Citronella/Tea Tree 10ml                        £5.50 for one   or    £8.50 for two  or   £17.50 for five
Lavender 60ml                                      £12.50 for one  or   £22.50 for two
Sweet Almond (carrier oil) 60ml              £4.00 for one   or    £5.50 for two
EXFOLIATING SOAPS:                        
Double Pack                                         £6.00 for one   or   £9.00 for two    or     £12.00 for three
FOAM BATH:                                        
100ml Foam Bath                                 £5.00 for one    or   £7.00 for two     or     £8.00 for three
GARDENERS COLLECTION:                  
40g Handcream                                    £5.50 for one    or     £8.00 for two
100g Handcream                                  £8.00 for one    or     £13.00 for two
Double Pack Soap                                £6.00 for one    or     £9.00 for two    or    £12.00 for three
250ml Handwash                                  £6.00 for one    or     £9.00 for two
Small Plant Pot Set                              £tbc for one
Medium Plant Pot Set                           £tbc for one
Large Plant Pot Set                              £tbc
GIFT BAGS:                                           
Small Gift Bag                                       £6.00 for one   or    £9.00 for two    or    £12.00 for three
Large Gift Bag                                       £8.00 for one    or   £13.00 for two
GIFT SETS:                                            
Small Gift Basket                                  £tbc for one
Medium Gift Basket                               £tbc for one
Large Gift Basket                                  £tbc
GUEST SOAPS:                                      
Soap Pastilles (5 soaps)                        £6.00 for one   or    £9.00 for two    or     £12.00 for three
Small Rainbow (5 soaps)                       £6.00 for one    or    £9.00 for two    or     £12.00 for three
Large Rainbow (10 soaps)                      £
250ml hand wash                                   £6.00 for one   or     £9.00 for two
MINI SOAPS:                                          
Pack of Five Mini Soaps                        £6.00 for three packs  or   £8.00 for five packs    or    £13.00 for ten packs
250ml Shower Gel                                £6.00 for one  or     £9.00 for two
SOAP BARS:                                          
Individual Soap Bars                             £5.00 for two bars     or    £8.00 for five bars     or     £14.00 for ten bars
Twinpack Soap                                    £5.00 for one pack    or    £9.00 for three packs
Fivepack Soap                                     £8.00 for one pack    or    £14.00 for two packs
SOAP TOWERS:                                   
Pack of Four Soaps                              £
SPECIALIST SOAPS:                            
Double Pack                                        £6.00 for one    or     £9.00 for two      or     £12.00 for three